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Washington and Oregon APSE Chapters invite you to join The Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE), the only national membership organization focused exclusively on Employment First to facilitate the full inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and community.  APSE members recognize that everyone has abilities to contribute and their work should be recognized and rewarded with fair pay, creating inclusive workplaces. Employment enriches and adds meaning to every life, and workplaces and communities are enhanced when they embrace differences.  When you join APSE, you automatically become a member of your State’s chapter.


APSE offers a range of memberships for individuals and organizations. Through membership, you gain timely information, tools, and support that help make you the strongest advocate possible.

Exclusive Offer:  Save 30% on membership ($90 for your first year – Regularly $120).
For Washington residents use Code: WAAPSE
For Oregon residents use Code: ORAPSE