2021 APSE Chapter Meetings Registration


Join Oregon APSE in a conversation with Marlee Matlin. She is a renowned advocate for diversity. Come to be boldly challenged to advocate inclusion, acceptance, and access for all people and access for all people to endeavor to live a life without judgement of others –everybody’s different and nobody’s perfect. Walk away informed and empowered to make a difference in the world with the new knowledge… even in these changing times.

Oregon APSE Annual Meeting

Following Matlin, at 10am, please join Oregon APSE for our Annual Meeting. It will last one hour.  It is for all members, and anyone interested in becoming a member, wondering who we are, or just want to hear what happened over the past year. If you attend this Special Event, we will post the link to the meeting in chat. If you are unable to attend Marlee Matlin’s amazing presentation, please email oregonapse@gmail.com for the meeting link between September 15-20th.


Washington APSE is excited to host this year’s Annual Meeting and a celebration of the end of Subminimum wages in Washington State.

On April 16th, Washington became the 5th state to eliminate sub-minimum wage. Come and join WA APSE, CEA (Community Employment Alliance), and the DDC (Developmental Disabilities Council) as we celebrate the end of the practice and acknowledge the hard work it took to make it happen!

WA APSE, CEA, and DDC, are likeminded groups!  CEA’s mission is Advocating, Educating, & Partnering for Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities. CEA members collaborate with one another and with their communities to strengthen employment opportunities for people of all abilities.  While the DDC is a Federal-State partnership working to plan for and with people with developmental disabilities and their families.   

Come learn what exciting things are happening with WA APSE at this year’s Annual Meeting. Please bring your insights, ideas and experiences to the conversation to help shape and strengthen employment first in Washington. We want to hear from you!