PNWEF 2020 Day 2

Thursday, October 1st
9:00 AM – 12:30 PM PST

Equity and Justice: The Power of Language and Personal Actions
Opener:  Tara Asai
Presenters:  Chisa O’Quinn, Wesley Anderson, Amber Boydston

Description: With the backdrop of the pandemic ripping open the curtain of the many inequities in this country,  the Black Lives Matter protesters keep marching daily for justice. Solving these complicated civil rights issues requires bold action. What is our role? What can we do as individuals and organizations? Listen to these inspiring leaders on what’s been on their minds, and what we can do as civil rights allies.

Description: WA and OR APSE recognize individuals and organizations in our community whose efforts and contributions advance Employment First. We are proud to announce this years nominees and winners of the Employee Advocate Award, Professional Employment Services Award, Employment Mentor Award, Community Partner Award, Public Policy Advocate of the Year Award and the Employer Award.

Resiliency:  Riding the Wave – the COVID era
Moderator: Jake Sturm
Panelists:  Wally Tablit, Tom Gaulke, Troy Baker, Kelly Graves

Description: During COVID, isolation has become our reality. This panel will bring together multiple voices from Oregon and Washington to help show that agencies are not alone and helpful strategies on how to move forward during our new “normal.”  Topics to be discussed include:  How are agencies keeping their doors open and how are they keeping staff involved?

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