PNWEF 2020 Day 3

Tuesday, October 6th
9:00 AM – 12:30 PM PST

Employment and COVID19 – Making the Post-Pandemic Future of Work Inclusive
Moderator:  Regina Kline, Esq.
Panelists:  Ruby Moore, Michael Rogers, Lisa Mills, Jennifer White

Description: This roundtable conversation was originally presented as a TASH webinar in early May and was highly praised. The presenters bring national expertise on what has been happening in employment for people with disabilities and how we can move forward.  As the pandemic has pushed on,  the panelists will revisit the discussion with current reflections of now and the future.

Employment and the Pandemic – Voices from the Field
Moderator: Noah Seidel
Panelists: Resa Hayes, Jordan Ohlde, Kelly McCauley

Description: The pandemic has created a world that challenges us all.  Our daily routines and relationships have been disrupted and it’s hard to plan for the future when next week could bring new surprises.  For those with disabilities, COVID19 has reared its ugly head showing the social, economic and healthcare inequities in our country. These self-advocate employees from across the region, will share their experiences as Essential Workers and Furloughed Workers with thoughts about what is most needed from allies. 

Description: Greetings to all Oregonians and Washingtonians!  You are invited to join your state’s APSE chapter at this year’s annual meeting. See what exciting things are happening with APSE in your state this year, learn what is on the horizon, and share your ideas to help shape and strengthen Washington and Oregon APSE.

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