Day 3, September 21st

9/21: Session 1: 12:30 – 1:30pm

Autism & Employment: Tools & Strategies for Success  | Meeting Room 4

Presenters: Christine Lindgren 

Session Description: The purpose of the presentation is to equip both professionals and parents with the knowledge and understanding of the benefits, barriers, challenges and successes an individual with autism can have in employment. I will share a number of strategies for finding a good job match, successful job placement and effective job supports that work well for neurodiverse individuals. 

Marketing Supported Employment in your Communities  | Meeting Room 5

Presenters: Charly Walters, Rachel Flores

Session Description: In this presentation, we’lll discuss how HireAbility Spokane has incorporated digital marketing tools like social media, email marketing, blogging, and more to broaden the awareness of the HireAbility services.

We’ll discuss strategies for reaching new audiences that agencies can use to connect with new employers and educate the public on their mission. In particular, we’ll look through a case study that shows HireAbility’s connection to a local employer through digital marketing.

We’ll also share how to make digital marketing easy and efficient with the blog repurposing method that HireAbility has used.

This presentation will also discuss how to do digital marketing in a way that is accessible, including using captions or alt-text for images to make sure that the internet is open to all audiences.

The presentation will be done by Charly Walters of HireAbility Spokane and Rachael Flores of Fiori Marketing.

A Sticky Situation: How to Unstuck the Stickiness  | Meeting Room 11

Presenters: Katherine Titus, David Murahashi, Emily Harris, Dan Rutten

Session Description: Now more than ever, as the world has been through more than 2 1/2 years of pandemic, isolation, and uncertainty, developing individualized and person centered strategies to move forward remains vital. The purpose of this presentation is to allow space for employment professionals to collaborate, connect, and experience some facilitated brainstorming to support those “stuck” situations. This presentation is rooted in person centered planning philosophy and tools. We will utilize a presentation and world café style format, with some sharing of how person centered planning tools have supported movement and momentum towards positive possible futures, as well as engaging the attendees to support each other through some stuck situations, into action that promotes individual contribution and capacity in the greater community. Person centered planning as a tool, fully embraces diversity and inclusion of an often othered group, those who experience the disability service system. The focus is on truly equitable employment opportunities, and how to unstick ourselves so that we can move in that direction!

Expand and Diversify your Staff through Collaboration and Awareness | Meeting Room 12

Presenters: Zandra Leitch, Wendy Ehr, Reed Cowie, Anne-Marie Lake 

Session Description:

The purpose of the Coalition for Careers in Supported Employment is to
educate and increase awareness of this career field. As a collective we
share a vision for maximizing equity and inclusion in our field by educating
diverse communities to be part of this work.

To accomplish this:
We collaborate with our peer agencies and other interested groups to
find synergistic, innovative, sustainable, systemic solutions for recruiting
and retention. We develop and uncover sources of quality, long-term employees who will provide stability for our clients. We inspire individuals and groups to optimize their gifts and talents to contribute to making life better for people with disabilities. Our mission: to increase the number of eager, qualified candidates for opportunities in the field of Supported Employment by promoting it as an exciting and worthwhile career field

Recruit, Cultivate and Retain:  Supporting Managers to Support Their Teams  | Maple Ballroom

Presenters: Jaimie Laitinen, Wally Tablit 

Session Description: Recruit, Cultivate and Retain (RCR), was a 4-week long leadership series designed for mid-level managers within employment and community inclusion service provider agencies. Two cohorts in WA State completed this course and had the opportunity to work with a range of managers to re-energize, create solutions to complex problems and share expertise. This session will introduce the core concepts of this series, review the lessons learned, and give attendees the chance to engage and experience the 4-week long series in this one dynamic session.

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