Employer Panel

Brian Collins

Senior Manager, Real Estate & Facilities – Microsoft Corporation

Based in Redmond Washington, Brian is responsible for leading Microsoft’s Workplace Employee Engagement, Supported Employment and Change Management Program’s which helps staff prepare and adapt to the new workspaces at the corporate headquaters.
Brian joined Microsoft 1996 as the Facilities Manager for the Dublin campus, and in his previous roles with Microsoft he was responsible for The Global Workplace Strategies Group; defining and driving the ‘Workplace Advantage (WPA)’ program; including Workplace research, knowledge management, change management project consulting across Microsoft’s global portfolio. He was also Area Portfolio Manager for RE&F in Central & Eastern Europe, and Facilities Manager for EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) where he coordinated facilities activities over 160 locations in 50+ countries.

Gillian Maguire

CBRE – Microsoft Supported Employment Program Manager

Gillian is the program manager of Microsoft RE&F’s Supported Employment Program, whose mission is to partner with Microsoft vendors and local job coaching agencies to create real job opportunities for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Gillian joined CBRE in 2017, bringing experience in management at a statewide disability rights organization. In previous roles she worked closely with people with disabilities and disability community organization leaders, as well as legal and professional staff. She created and managed an advocacy team responsible for provision of high quality services to people with disabilities in Washington.

Ryan Farrow

CBRE – Nike Supported Employment Program Manager

Ryan brings years of experience in the supported employment field, supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to contribute to their communities through competitive, integrated employment.
Prior to joining CBRE in January 2019, he worked as a program manager, job coach, job developer, trainer, Highline College instructor and has an Assistive Technology Applications Certification through California State University Northridge. He also currently serves on the Oregon APSE Board.
In 2019, he was enthusiastic to join CBRE and NIKE’s partnership to nurture an integrative workplace by leveraging the skills and valued contributions of people of all abilities. Based at NIKE World Headquarters, he works for CBRE managing the Supported Employment Program, to design and implement strategies for leveraging job seekers with I/DD into a variety of positions.
Ryan believes that everyone who wants to work, can work.

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