About Employment and the Pandemic Panel

Noah Seidel

Noah Seidel is a disabled advocate who works to support people with disabilities to live a full life and engage in social change. He joined the Office of Developmental Disabilities Ombuds in 2017 as the Region 3 Developmental Disabilities Ombuds. Noah graduated from the University of Washington where he received a degree while majoring in Disability Studies, Political Science, and Comparative History of Ideas. He has worked in many ways to support people with disabilities and promote disability equality.

Resa Hayes

Community Educator, People First of Washington Resa Hayes has been volunteering as a self-advocate for so many years; she can’t even remember. Resa has served on a variety of state and local boards and committees, including SAIL, a Client’s Rights Committee, and is currently chairing a committee trying to close the Fircrest School in Washington State. One of her favorite jobs was to work at the United Cerebral Palsy Daycare Center. As a Community Educator for People First of Washington, Resa works with members one-on-one by calling and checking in on them to help them further develop their own self-advocacy skills. She lead the “Reaching my Own Greatness” and other trainings, and is always available to give input to her colleagues and the general public. When not out in the community, Resa loves to watch episodes of “I Love Lucy,” Westerns and other old movies. She lives on her own in the Spokane area with her sweet cat, Tigger.

Jordan Ohlde

Jordan Ohlde had worked over 20 years as a Floor Staff at the Regal Cinemas in Bend, Oregon when he was abruptly furloughed March 5th due to the pandemic. It’s a huge change for Jordan who started his job when he was a Freshman at Mountainview High School. He misses the favorite part of his job of meeting and talking with people. Jordan lives in a six-person communal residence of 2 apartments and 1 house. He is a strong advocate who actively participates in the High Desert Advocates, Employment First, Central Oregon Coalition for Access, and the Regional Public Transit. He is also on the planning committee for the annual Breaking Barriers Conference held in Redmond.

Kelly McCauley

Born in California, Kelly McCauley moved to Monroe, Oregon when she was five. She is multi-talented as an actress, musician, and writer and her favorite author is Stephen King. Kelly graduated from high school in 1999 and has worked at various food service jobs for many years. Currently, she does food prep as a Dishwasher / Diet Aide at the Conifer House Nursing Home / Memory Care in Corvallis where she has worked for close to four years. As she is considered an essential worker, Kelly practices health and safety precautions at home and at work. She has been tested twice for Covid19 and fortunately has tested negative. Future goals include going vegan (it’s going slowly) and exploring other careers.

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