About Job Development in a Virtual World Panel

Steven Cutter

Steven is the Director of Employment Services for ATwork in Spokane, WA. He is also the Vice President of the WA APSE board. He is passionate about collaborative management practices, engaging employees in problem solving, accountability and decision-making. He loves his community and the work he does. In his spare time he enjoys watching football and spending time with his dog.

Taylor Jones

Employment Specialist at Community Vision and MFT graduate student.

Marie Gwilliam

Marie Gwilliam has worked for MV Advancements for twelve years, beginning as a Job Coach & Developer. She currently holds the position of Employment Division Manager for the Individual Placement team in Yamhill, Marion and Polk Counties. Marie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Religious Studies from Gonzaga University. Her path to supported employment began with lobbying for mental illness benefits in Washington D.C. and continued when she managed a Starbucks retail store. She began her career at MV Advancements because of one fantastic employee she hired at Starbucks that received supports through MVA. She is married with three children, and loves all things about living in McMinnville, Oregon including hiking and tasting local wines.

Tanya Young

My name is Tanya Young. I have worked most of my career in the Corporate or Government sector. My jobs have been managing a sales team and also becoming a district trainer in sales. I also have worked in Human Resouce and as a project manager. In 2012 I had a lifestyle change and decided to move back to Bend and update some of the certifications at Central Oregon Community College; while attending COCC, I worked selling appliances. In 2014 I was offered a job with Abiitree as a life skill trainer and then became the manager for Independent living. At the time, Abilitree was changing their model, and I joined the employment team as a job developer. What a great fit. I love to build relationships and connections. I refer to job development to Match.com; it is finding that right match for employers and clients and making a great profile

Troy Marshall

Troy Marshall works at Ability Employment Services. He is the Business Development Consultant who joined Ability in 2017. Previously Troy ran a west Coast In Home Care Agency and became a National Homecare Consultant where Troy sold “In-Home Care Turn Keys “nationwide, and provided training and support. During the last 25 years, Troy has gained experience in helping a broad spectrum of people find solutions to their individual challenges. I know firsthand how incredibly fulfilling it is helping someone reach their full potential. Nothing is more important than helping people who have the desire to work hard, to provide for themselves and their family reach their goals.

Petra Borojevic

Business Relations Liaison, AtWork!, Petra works as Business Relations Liaison with AtWork! where she partners with businesses to increase their awareness of customized employment and create opportunities for people with disabilities. Petra has entered this field as direct support provider at Abilities United in Bay Area, California, where she coached a group of young adults with disabilities in independent living skills at their studio complex. After realizing that work was what was missing from their lives, she developed and led a job club curriculum that was geared toward recognizing interests, strengths, and job ideas, as well as individual steps needed in the process of obtaining a job. This was at the time when the agency she worked for didn’t have a working employment path for people it served. From there, Petra entered the role of Employment Specialist at what is now AbilityPath. This was her true passion in the field of supporting people with disabilities. Equal rights and representation have been her interest from early on as she dedicated her high school capstone project to the rights of people with disabilities and continued exploring these issues in her study of Philosophy.

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