Students for APSE

Each year Students for APSE invites local high schools students to attend and participate in the PNWEF.  At the forum, the students will learn skills that will help them succeed in working and living in the community.  They also will have the opportunity to go on tours of local businesses and discover the different jobs that make up a business.

This year Students for APSE is hosting students from:

Bremerton High School
South Kitsap High School
Rainier High School

More About Students for APSE

Purpose: To build capacity in the Employment First field in order to support better outcomes for transition aged youth with disabilities.
A.   Share updates on policies that impact students.
B.   For a variety of audiences; develop fact sheets, tool kits, and other resources in order to develop lifetime engagement opportunities.

Benefits: As a teacher and educator being a part of APSE and Students for APSE will provide a compilation of resources to help learn more about latest trends, Employment First, and current legislation/public policy.  For students it provides opportunities to make connections with other advocates, to attend trainings/conferences and learn about employment opportunities in their community.